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Britten Norman Islander

Island Air operates a fleet of 3 Britten Norman Islanders (BN-2). The Islander is a twin engine, high wing, fixed gear, STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) aircraft. The Islander is operated in remote areas all over the world and has an excellent reputation of being a real work horse. It is particularly suited to land at some of the short runways which Island Air has operated into (Cat Cay, Little Whale Cay, Big Whale Cay and Little Darby Island). Island Air usually operates it's Islanders with 1 pilot, which allows us to carry 7 passengers and their baggage. While one of our Islanders can carry over 1700 pounds, we try to limit passenger and passenger baggage weights to no more than 1250 pounds. The Islander has a fuel capacity for 6 hours of flight time at a cruise speed of 140 MPH.

* All aircraft operated by Island Air Charters are inspected and maintained according to FAA part 135 commercial operations.

Piper Navajo Chieftain

Island Air also operates this Piper Navajo Chieftain (PA-31-350). The Chieftain is a twin-engine, cabin-class aircraft with seating for up to 9 passengers. One item on this particular Chieftain that all our passengers appreciate is it's cold-blowing air conditioner! Another is its ability to fly in all weather conditions. The versatility of the Chieftain allows it to operate into and out of most runways in the Bahamas and Caribbean, and with a cruise speed of 190 Knots (218 MPH), and its ability to fly 850 miles without a fuel stop, destinations from Memphis, Tennessee to Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic are well within its non-stop range. Additionally, this particular aircraft can carry over 2300 pounds in any combination of fuel, passengers, and passenger baggage. It's also great for transporting cargo, having the optional crew and cargo doors installed. For trip planning purposes, customers should know that as a general rule (and depending upon the particular destination) for most charters we limit the passenger and passenger baggage weights to approximately 1800 pounds on trips over 400 miles. This allows us to carry enough fuel to make the trip non-stop with all the required fuel reserve